A few comments from the pages of the Choctaw Journal

The four of us have stayed in many beautiful places from Maine to Vancouver on our hiking jaunts, but none have quite compared to this lovely little cabin on the bluff.  The views are breathtaking, the Buffalo River Trails challenging, and the weekend just perfect.  We will be Back!

                                                            Steve and Marti

                                                            Fair Grove, MO




What a wonderful place!  We are so glad we found you on the internet.  The views are simply awesome!  It was so great to take our meals or snacks out on one of the many decks and glory in the beauty of nature.  We thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing and quiet time here.  We will definitely be back.

                                                            Raymond and Carol

                                                            Dallas, TX




What a beautiful cabin.  Our dream is to build one just like it in Louisiana.  Of course, the setting would never be this perfect.  What a View!  I am in awe.  Sure don’t want to go back home tomorrow.  Would love to stay here forever.  Edd and Ilonka have outdone themselves!  We will definitely be back.

                                                            The Sanders

                                                            Bastrop, LA


P.S.  We saw a herd of over 50 elk late yesterday afternoon at Boxley Valley. 




This is just the most beautiful place.  Two days is just not enough.  Coming here made me want to move here and build our own cabin someday.  The kids had the most fun in the Jacuzzi tub, having bubble baths.  We are so glad we found this place on the internet.  The other cabins that we have seen around here can’t compare.  We hope to be back next year for a longer stay.

                                                            Leah, Charles, Cora, and Conney

                                                            Brandon, FL



We had a wonderful time here at the Ozark Bluff Dwellers.  We canoed the Buffalo River and hiked a lot of the nice places around here.  The best trail was here at the cabins, just down from the Cherokee cabin.  We are already planning our return trip.  Thanks for such a wonderful place to stay. 

                                                            Jose, Betty, and Royce

                                                            The Colony, TX



I had a fantastic week!  The cabin was wonderful!  I hope to come back

                                                            Lauren (age 9)           

                                                            Conway, AR




We have enjoyed this stay so much.  This is the most beautiful place we have ever been.  We surely will be back.  We had deer in our yard, so neat.  We got to see about 28 elk last night.  We will miss the quietness and beauty. 

                                                            The Scotts

                                                            Louisville, KY




My husband, son (2 Years) and I stayed here for a week.  This has to be the best accommodations we have ever experienced!  We have no complaints at all!  There is plenty to do in the area and we definitely fulfilled our desire to “get away from it all”.  God bless this beautiful cabin and everyone who stays in it.

                                                            The Peters family

                                                            Hurst, TX




Unbelievable!  What a great place.  Within the first hour we were here, we saw three black bear cubs off the Raney Cove Trail.  In the mornings you can see elk and deer in the valley.  Hope you enjoy this beautiful place as much as we did. 

                                                            The Carriers

                                                            Sulphur, LA




This was the perfect 25th anniversary.  The cabin was GREAT!  The views were AWESOME!  This was our first stay at the Bluffs, but not our last.  Off the back deck we saw deer, a black bear cub, chipmunks, squirrels, and a variety of beautiful birds.  Sunsets were the most awesome we’ve ever seen.  We’re already planing a trip back with our family soon. 

                                                            The Castilles

                                                            Baton Rouge, LA






This has been the most relaxing and peaceful vacation our family has ever experienced. Thanks for building such beautiful cabins.  We hope to make this trip a tradition with our friends from Chicago.  The kids had a blast. 

                                                            The Florys

                                                            Rockwell, TX



Well, Dianne and I have come to the end of another great stay in this beautiful and restful place.  This is our third visit and we are already planning the 4th

                                                            The McNeelys

                                                            Fayetteville, AR

P.S.  I still want to buy this cabin!